OMG : Father Forced 8 Year Old Son To Eat Dead Puppy As Punishment

A sad case of child abuse is being reported today after a dad forced his young child to eat the remains of a puppy he just purchased for the boy. Matthew Burton, 38, is a single father who “had a strict, military type relationship with his son,” according to neighbors. According to reports, Burton had just purchased his son a puppy less than three weeks ago, which made the 8 year-old extremely happy.

“We always see the little boy out front playing with the puppy in the yard,” said Trish Williams, Burton’s neighbor. “It seemed like the boy never got a lot of playtime, so it was nice to see him bonding with the puppy.” That was, until Saturday, when neighbors heard a commotion coming from inside the home. Williams said she heard the dad screaming and the little boy crying. That’s when she decided to call 911.

When police arrived, they were greeted by Burton at the front door who had blood on his shirt. Burton refused to let them in, and when they heard the little boy crying, “help me” that’s when they forced their way through the front door.

What they found, authorities say, was a gruesome scene that no child should ever have to encounter. “When we entered the property, we found the little boy duct taped to the dining room chair with a deceased puppy on a tray in front of him,” said Lieut. Trey Parker. “Apparently the dad was force-feeding him the animal because he received a bad grade on his math test. It was truly horrifying.”

Corgi is the breed of dog that was eaten.

Burton resisted arrest, but was taken into custody without further incident. The young boy is currently in the custody of Child Protective Services where he is receiving counseling to help him through this tragedy.

Burton is currently being housed in a Mobile, Alabama county jail on no bond awaiting trial.

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