Woman, 22, given two life sentences for allowing professor, 49, to have sex with her five-month-old daughter

CLAYTON, Mo. — A judge sentenced a Missouri woman to consecutive life prison terms for sexually assaulting her infant daughter along with a California man she met online. Attorneys for 22-year-old Tessa Vanvlerah, of Ballwin, failed to persuade St. Louis County Circuit Judge Colleen Dolan to sentence their client Monday only to probation, because they

Before She Died, She Strapped Her Baby in a Car Seat and Threw It out the Window. the People Who Found It Were Left Speechless.

The small community of Wyoming, Illinois, is a place where everyone pretty much knows each other. Whenever news breaks out, everyone comes to hear of it. This is exactly what happened with the case of Shelby Ann Carter and her young daughter. Keana Davis was born on January 2017, to the joy of her mother.