20 Medications That Cause Memory Loss; Stop Using Them

If you are experiencing a difficulty remembering stuff, you should know that some prescribed meds, as well as over-the-counter ones, may be the underlying cause. Back in the past, doctors associated loss of memory and mental confusion with the aging process. Nevertheless, nowadays, scientists claim that aging does not necessarily have to be the case. This is because the brain has the capacity to form new cells and reshape their connections through life.

Other Causes of Memory Loss
Alcohol and drug abuse , Heavy smoking , Excessive stress , Sleep deprivation , Insufficient amount of vitamin B12 , Some prescribed meds
The Worst Prescription Drugs

Sadly, prescription meds are known to cause approximately 100,000 deaths per year and more than 1.5 million patients are hospitalized due to adverse side effects from these medications.


They are prescribed for the regulation of the cholesterol levels, but they have been found to cause brain damage and loss of memory too.

Sleeping pills

When taken for a longer period of time, these meds can trigger loss of memory and even coma. They do not treat the underlying reason for the insomnia, but they just worsen one’s health. Ambien, a widely-used sleeping pill, has serious negative side effects like hallucination; sleep walking, night terrors, etc.

Anti Meds

20 Meds That Can Trigger Loss of Memory
According to a list made by the former vice chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, these are the 20 drugs that have been linked to memory loss:

• Antihistamines , • Lithium• Methyldopa• Naproxen
• Antidepressants – Vivactil, Elavil, Anafranil, Norpramin, Pamelor, and Surmontil.• Interferons• Hypertension drugs• Beta blockers• Quinidine• Insulin• Benzodiazepines , Parkinson’s disease meds
• Antipsychotics• Barbiturates• Epilepsy – Phenytoin and Dilantin• Chemotherapy drugs• Antibiotics (quinolones)• Painkillers• Sleeping pills
Over-the-Counter Meds That Can Lead to Loss of Memory
• Unisom• Tylenol PM• Tagamet• Sominex• Pepcid Ac• Nytol• Excedrin PM, Dramamine• Claritin• Benadryl• Advil PM

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